Stone Surfaces - Granite & Engineered Stone

Our quality surfaces will compliment your home or commercial environments.

Fast, accurate, no mess

Templating with our Proliner System enables a fast, accurate, and no mess process, meaning minimal downtime of your working kitchen until your new bench is ready for installation.

State of the Art

Our modern, hi-tech factory utilizes the latest machinery from Europe and around the world.

Quality Commitment

We are committed to supplying the best quality workmanship and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce one-off bespoke design and fabrication to our customers.

Quality Products

We use only the best in natural granite, marble-engineered stone (Quartz), and limestone. We only use products of 20 & 30 mm thickness, not cheaper veneer stones.

Clean & Green

We only use clean, fresh rain water (collected from our roof) in our workshop.

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